L.A. Dodgers Radio and T.V. Play by Play announcer, Tim Neverett, joins Dodger Poke and talks about the Dodgers 2020 World Championship season, and how he chronicled the season and wrote his book Covid Curveball.

Covid Curveball has fascinating stories about some of the oddities that took place, and a foreword from Orel Hershiser that links the 1988 Championship team to the Championship team of 2020.

Neverett talks about many of these stories in the interview, he talks about his career and what life is like as a broadcaster for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Here is the link to purchase your Hard copy, Audio Book, or Kindle version of Covid Curveball. Big thanks to Tim for Joining Dodger Poke! https://www.amazon.com/COVID-Curvebal...

Here is the link to the Feature Story on Dodger Poke. https://dodgerpokereport.com/?p=3890

Down On The Farm is hosted by Dodger’s Daily Casey Porter who covers the Dodgers from Los Angeles to the rookie league.

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